Lucky Bamboo, Dracaena Sanderiana, is called “Rich Man’s Bamboo” in China. It is a wonderful house plant and represents two of the five elements – wood and water. Place it in a part of your house or office to cultivate good chi. Sometimes the plant will not grow well in certain parts of the house. This is due to the negative chi in that part of the building. Just move it. Don’t just automatically put it in the window or bathroom. If near a window, make sure that the sunlight does not hit the plant directly. On the other hand, the bathroom can often be too damp and with no air. It is your choice. You can place the plant using the Bagua compass or just use your intuition. If in water, keep the plant clean. Make sure you water the top of the plant and flush it out frequently. If in the dirt, just keep it moist.