Feng Shui Remedies by John Fung

Feng Shui Remedies by John Fung


Feng Shui Remedies — Healing Powers, Part III (Video #52)

The objective of Feng Shui is to create an auspicious environment where the individuals can thrive in various endeavors such as health, business, personal relationship, or wellness in general. In this way, we can say that the Feng Shui remedies represent a source of healing or improving powers.

Healing or improving powers have both material and spiritual dimensions, the latter being much more valuable than the former. Why? More materials will eventually lead to substance abuse, because more drugs, herbs, or any other substances cannot lead to more and more wellness. There ought to be a limit somewhere. On the other hand, more spiritual healings always lead to higher and higher levels of wellness and happiness.

Feng Shui is founded on symbolism, giving you peace of mind and pointing you to the right direction. That is, it urges you to pursue something right because you want to improve the present situation. Using an object to deliver good Feng Shui represents a symbol of your intention, rather than the objects magical value to bring you the things you desire. The material value of the object does not matter. Good Feng Shui does not necessarily require high expenditure. It only requires that you feel good after having made an effort to pursue the right thing.

The use of mirrors has been misinterpreted so badly that people are confused. You use a mirror for only two reasons: to multiply the good and to reflect the bad. This idea is consistent with the everyday usage of a mirror, which is to produce an image or reflect light.

Inside a home or office, you use mirrors to multiply space or good objects. That is why putting mirrors on the walls of an office or restaurant gives you the impression of a bigger space. When clients come, the mirrors produce more client images, which is a symbol of good business.

There is no point for using a mirror to deflect bad things inside a home or office. Where do you want to deflect them to within the building? Bad things should not be allowed into the building in the first place. So a mirror is placed on the outside of the front door to deflect any bad thing coming your way. On the other hand, if you create the bad things inside the building like garbage, littering, bad smells, toxic relationships, etc., you should be responsible for getting rid of them. Using mirrors will not help at all.

Objects of Good Feng Shui
People are also confused about what constitute objects of good Feng Shui to be placed inside a home or office. Chinese culture considers the following auspicious objects: dragon, frog, coins, flute, flowing water, heroes from folk stories, words artistically written, etc. What if you are a foreigner who does not quite understand Chinese culture? Do you just follow blindly? You should not if it does not make you feel good. Its bad Feng Shui when you dont feel good about the things around you.

An object of good Feng Shui makes you feel good about your surrounding such as: decorative objects, family photos, musical instruments, pictures, paintings, personal computer, stereo system, and what have you. Where do you place them? Remember the basic principle of the flow of Qi described in Part II? You place the good objects in an organized and convenient way to make you feel good, that is, with taste and no cluttering.

Colors and Lighting
Although Chinese culture dictates the colors or lighting for good Feng Shui, you dont have to follow them blindly. Remember the basic principles of nature, harmony and balance as described in Part II? You should use these as your guide to achieve good Feng Shui. When you play with colors and lighting, the objective is to achieve good taste that makes you feel good about your surrounding.

Dates, Numbers and Directions
If you want to, you may use the ideas suggested by the Number School as described in Part I. The Number School does not permit deviation from its exact prescriptions. Else, something bad may happen. I dont feel good about following this kind of dogma blindly. How about you?

Feng Shui Expenses
In Feng Shui practice, the rich play their own games of high expenses as a status symbol, whereas regular guys play their own affordable games. You must decide which method suits your budget. Too much expenditure tends to bring high stress and is consequently no good Feng Shui.

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