Feng Shui for the Bedroom

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While our home should be our safe haven, the bedroom should be our respite from everything. It should be a place where we can escape all the cares of the world.  The pressure of a job, the unsettling thoughts about the future, and any relationship woes should not be allowed into this room.

Positive and Negative

You might not have realized this yet, but the way that your room is arranged with the furniture and the way that it ís decorated can be either positive or negative. Both the positive and the negative can alternately create either harmony or turmoil.


Having a lot of stuff in the bedroom can disrupt the Chi and the bedroom should be one of the most clutter-free rooms in your home. Any item that reflects negativity or turmoil should be removed. Any photos that make you feel like your stomach is in knots should be taken out. If you have any gift items in your bedroom that were given to you by someone who hurt you emotionally, take them out. Those are filled with much negative energy.


Don’t store any job-related items in your bedroom. Don’t keep a  pile of books by your bedside that you intend to get around to reading someday. Free the room from any piles of paper clutter especially related to bills. Don’t keep items that you might need someday but canít use right away. This only creates an energy block. Don’t use your bedroom as a storage space for items that you are not using.


Feng Shui for the bedroom is designed to help you feel refreshed and to maximize the energy within you. While your bed will probably be the largest piece of furniture in your room, it should not be set up in such a way that the energy hits the bed. Instead, the bed should be moved away from the door if possible.  If that does not work, put up something that blocks the energy from hitting the bed. The use of tall plants or a large screen will suffice.


Don’t sleep in a bedroom that does not have curtains. Also, don’t have mirrors that aimed towards the bed. This will cause Chi to be directed back at the bed. You want a restful sleep and you want the Chi energy to work for you, not against you.

Use furniture in your bedroom that is made of wood, especially the bed. You want to avoid metal because metal interacts negatively with the Chi energy here. The direction that your bed is placed is important.  You should harness the benefits of Chi.

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