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Wealth – Prosperity

Wealth can have different meanings. It can be found in the richness of what you have in your life such as health and relationships. But for most people, wealth is defined by the amount of money they have.

Do you know where the “wealth” sector is in your home? Feng Shui helps you to promote the flow of wealth energy towards you. Wealth is found by paying attention to what ís going on within the money area of your home. This can be done with a Bagua. This is the area that is influenced by the metal element.

Each of the elements is connected from the center like the hands on a clock. This energy continues to move and as it moves, it gets depleted and must be restored. If the energy in a room is depleted  then this has to be corrected. You must create metal energy for wealth in your home. If you want to attract wealth using Feng Shui, then you need to make sure that the metal element is used appropriately.

Whites and Greys

The colors associated with this element are whites and greys.  Metal objects  (wealth) should have round shapes.

You can easily pinpoint the metal elements in the Bagua money area of your home.  Do you have items of brass or iron? What kinds of leaves are in the plants located there? You want to use plants with only round leaves.

Remember that each of the elements is connected. So you want to make sure your room has a balance of all five. Check the money area of your home to make sure that all of these elements are present and that one does not overpower the next.

Five Elements

To balance all five elements in your home.  Choose an object from each of the five elements.   Use Chinese coins and mirrors.

Money Figures

Wealth figures for your home could be the lucky cat, the carp, the three leg toad, and: coins and gold ingot.  Place them in the wealth quadrant of your house. Then you will have freed the Chi energy to enhance the wealth. Make sure that you check the area of your home regularly. Keep it in good order so that you do not disrupt the flow of your wealth energy.

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I, Harold, am the husband of the late Wenyin, also known as the Bamboo Lady. In honor of her memory, I am devoted to continuing her passion for teaching and educating people on the principles of Feng Shui. Together, we worked hard to spread awareness of this ancient Chinese practice, and I am determined to keep her legacy alive.