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Different colors can cause you to feel different emotions. Think about how you feel when you wear clothing in certain colors. Just like wearing certain colors in your clothes bring out varying emotions, so do the colors in your home.


Some colors stir your passion while others create a feeling of serenity. Bright colors can make you feel upbeat and give a sense of optimism for your day, whereas dark colors tap into a different energy. The colors used in your home have the ability not just to stir your emotions, but color can also be used to create the changes you want to see happen for your life.

Yin\Yang and Colors

When you walk into a room in your house, you wíll be able to tell if the room feels calm or if it makes you feel agitated. Some rooms will make you feel happy while other rooms will make you feel depressed. Why is that? Colors in Feng Shui are categorized as Yin or Yang.  Each category brings up a different emotions.  For example, Yin colors promote health and calmness while Yang colors promote a sense of enthusiasm. They are different energies. While there are some people who believe that white or black are neutral and don’t really have any energy, it ís not so. White stands for purity while black stands for achievement and power.

Black and White

Use the color white in your home to radiate confidence. This color is best used in kitchens or for a bathroom. The color black can cause negative emotions if used as a wall color. Instead, use it in the decorations within the room such as the furniture or accent pieces.


Red is a color capable of stirring energy. It can have negative energy if used in rooms like the kitchen. Red is a warm color and symbolizes passion. As passionate as red is, blue is the opposite. It should be used in rooms where you need a sense of calmness.


Yellow is a good color to use in Feng Shui for kitchens. It ís a color that signifies the emotions of optimism and cheerfulness.  This is why the color yellow has been a long-standing favorite color for kitchens.


Green is a natural color – and just like green plants in nature, the color is used in homes to give the sign of growth. However, the negative side to this color is that it symbolizes jealousy – so don’t use it to paint the living room walls.


Brown is a color that represents constancy. It promotes a sense of elegance. Because it is a natural color, it blends  with accents that are bold.

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