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Jade Stone

We carry white jade from China\Burma area.  It is pure and of high quality.  Mostly bracelets  and pendants. The pendants that we carry  are primarily auspicious animals. Jade articles are generally regarded as auspicious things in the hearts of Chinese people. Jade is worn on the person.  When it is exposed to heat, it radiates […]

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Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica Feng Shui Money Tree

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We carry incense sticks, cones and a few rocks and leaves.  HEM is our main line of products. HEM – incense-facts

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Lucky Bamboo

Dracaena sanderiana

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Feng Shui Products

Unique Chinese Feng Shui Items from China! The bamboo lady is located at Fleamasters Fleamarket, 4135 MLK Blvd, Fort Myers, Fl, 33916 Blue isle booth 61. – Ph. 925 391 1297‬ , SMS 239 223 2042, email: bamboolady@yahoo.com We have the following products: Plants: lucky bamboo, money trees, bonsais, herbals, vases and pots. Figurines: auspicious […]

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