Feng Shui Products

Plants:  lucky bamboo, lotus bamboo, money trees, bonsai, orchids

Amulets: evil eye, bagua mirror, coins, jade, wulou, piyao, plaques, tassels,

Figurines: buddhas (sidhartha and laughing buddha), guan yin, shiva, ganesha, guan yu, fuk-luk-sau, dragons, foo dogs, money toad, koi\carp, lucky cats, elephants, lucky boy/girl, monkey king, dragon tortoise,

Paintings, scrolls, posters,


Incense and stands

Fragrance, essential oils and burners

Jade stone, crystals, agate, jewelry, buddha bracelets, mala beads, baoding balls,

and much more…..

Bamboolady at Fleamasters Fleamarket, 4135 Marting Luther King Blvd, Blue Isle Booth 61,Fort Myers, FL, 33916

Where Can I  Buy Feng Shui Products in Fort Myers, FL?