About Me

The bamboo lady dates back to 1992 in Guangzhou China.  Just prior to that time, I had returned from the countryside  as a “volunteer”  for Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution. After the “Chairmans” passing, the government had just embarked upon an economic liberalization program encouraging business startups.  I was working for the Dong Yan Hotel in a variety of capacities.  The hotel manager encouraged me to take over the hotel “gift shop” and it is all history.  I continued in that capacity until 2003 when I then migrated to the USA.

Shortly after arriving in the USA, I moved from Virginia to Florida.  I opened a “shop” in Fleamaster’s Fleamarket mainly tailoring clothing.  As the business grew, I added Feng Shui items from China and the bamboo lady was founded. It was a name coined by customers since I sold “lucky bamboo” they referred to me as the bamboo lady.

I continue in that capacity until this day!