Feng Shui: Water And The Cycle Of Life

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Good Feng Shui establishes an energetic and spiritual connection to the physical world. This results in the harnessing of the positive energy that surrounds us. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui (pronounced “Fung Schwee”) literally means wind and water in Chinese. This art is defined by the constant state of change between the five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. By keeping those elements in balance, we create harmony within our natural surroundings.


The pathway of least resistance for this invisible energy called (qi) is through flowing water. By incorporating water into your home environment, such as a fountain or aquarium, you can bring water balance into your life.

The proper placement of water, and the other 4 elements, attracts Chí. While Chí does tend to gather in certain places, the proper circulation of Chí may become obstructed or unbalanced. This happens naturally in the home or office. This pattern can bring adverse effects to our lifestyle. For instance, it can negatively affect relationships with other people by making them unfulfilling. Health may also become impaired or our finances may suffer. There are many ways to improve the Chí flow in our surroundings. One of the best and easiest ways is through the principles of Feng Shui. So, bring the water element into your environment to enhance the positive flow of energy or Chi.

Colors, Materials, and Shapes

Water features in Feng Shui are used to create wealth and prosperity. Water is represented by several elements in the home such as the colors of black – in the west sector. Black symbolizes seriousness, formality, dignity, and wisdom. It is also used to increase mental activity and communication. Dark blue reminds us of nature and conveys a sense of serenity. It also symbolizes seriousness and dignity. Another representative of water is glass. It is wavy and irregular in shape. It symbolizes flexibility, interaction, and adaptability. Household objects: sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, aquariums, pools, glass items, and plumbing fixtures also symbolize the water element. The colors, materials, and shapes can all be linked to one element or another. It is important to stress that one element should not dominate over the others. For example, too much fire in a room can cause tension and instability.

Element Cycles

In order to understand how water may create prosperity, you must understand the interaction of the five elements. When elements are combined appropriately, they bring balance and harmony to us. The interaction of the five elements is illustrated by cycles. There are 3 cycles: creating, controlling, and reducing. There is a productive cycle whereby one element produces the next one. For instance, the fire burns and produces ash (earth). Then the earth produces metal. Metal, when heated, flows like water. Water nourishes wood and wood is the fuel for the fire. In the next cycle, the controlling cycle, one element controls the next element. For instance, fire melts metal, and metal (ax) cuts wood. Wood then controls earth with its roots. Earth restricts the flow of water and water extinguishes fire. Finally, in the reducing cycle, it is exactly the reverse of the productive cycle. If an element produces another element, the former gets weakened in the process. For instance, the fire burns wood, and the wood soaks up all the water. Then water takes strength from metal. Metal is extracted from the earth and earth or ash is produced from fire.

Adding Water Elements

Since water is both the literal and symbolic source of life, it can improve the Chí flow more than most other elements. Slow-moving water allows Chí to be formed and accumulate. This is where water fountains become essential to balance life’s energies. Depending on the placement of the water fountains, it can enhance different aspects of your life and improve mental health. Water fountains bring soothing sounds and positive energy into your life. For the indoors environment, place a wall fountain in your office or work area. The soothing effect of running water helps reduce tension while providing symbolic nourishment to increase your income. The stones in the fountain help stabilize your finances so you don’t spend more than you earn. For the outdoors, garden fountains can be used. Like wall fountains, garden fountains are available in materials that are also appropriate for Feng Shui. So, glass stone, ceramic, wood, and metal again symbolize the water element. These Feng Shui material elements go hand-in-hand to create the balance your need.

Water Features to Add

Birdbaths are also a great addition to your front- or back-yard. Birds are also considered lucky. Feng Shui water nurtures all life. So by combing the birds with water you then increase prosperity.

Here are some additional Feng Shui tips for your home or office:

* Position a mirror to reflect a body of water. This cure is for people who live near a body of water such as a lake, a river, a stream, or an ocean. Water, which nourishes all life, can also symbolically nourish your finances and help increase your income. Hang a mirror so that it reflects the view of the water and draws its wealth-producing energy to you.

* Place an aquarium in your living room. Aquariums grace many Chinese restaurants and are considered good luck. Fish are living creatures. They are symbols of life, health, and growth. Water nourishes all living things. An aquarium also makes a colorful and calming addition to your interior environment.

* Replace the washer in a leaky faucet. A dripping faucet in the kitchen, where wealth is generated, can cause money to slowly wash away.

* Close toilet lids. Chí flows away from your home via drains, especially the toilet. You must close the toilet lid to keep money chi from going down the drain.

* Close the bathroom door and the shower curtain. By keeping these closed, you prevent Chí’s prosperity from escaping.

* Hang a glass wind chime in the window of your office or workspace. Glass facilitates mental activity and communication. So, it is good for people who work in communication fields like computers or sales.

Feng Shui reminds us that we should live with, not against nature. It also benefits both human beings and nature. Our lives are greatly affected by our physical and emotional environments. Instead of surrounding ourselves with destruction and obstruction, we should surround ourselves with openness and cleanliness. To understand the life you must understand the 5 elements. This will enable us to harmonize and bring balance to our lives.

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