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Feng Shui Balance

Feng Shui can be used to transform your home environment. Improvements in the quality of your sleep, your feelings, your money, your relationships and so much more.

Good Feng Shui will help you to be more relaxed, feel healthier, and create balance in the home. Feng Shui can also help you decide what you want out of life and how to get it.


You should know that every home has energy (Chi). Good chi has a qualitative effect on your home. So you can decide what you want to happen within your home. Do you wish that you were more organized?  Disorganization and clutter can be remedied by lighting candles. Candles help rid a room of negative energy.

Front Door

You can feel the energy of a house the moment you walk up the driveway.  A narrow, cluttered pathway depletes positive energy while allowing negative energy to permeate. Your front door is the main opening for Chi in the house. Anything or person that comes through your front door will bring energy with them.  Good and bad.

Back Door Front Door

You don’t want there to be a straight line between your front door and your back door.  Energy arrives through the front door and exits through the back door. You want good energy to flow into your home and stay. If you can see your back door from your front door, then you should place something in between to block the energy from exiting.

An entranceway that is cluttered with shoes or coats can block the flow of energy. You want your entranceway to be clear.  Hang a mirror in the hallways to bring in light and increase the flow of energy.


Bathrooms can be a challenge.  They tend to be smaller rooms laden with moisture. This can also interfere with the flow of energy. To combat this condition, use live plants in your bathroom. Plants help keep the moisture level of a bathroom down.

Each room of your home has an optimal Chi direction.  The directions are south, north, east, west, southeast, southwest, northeast, and northwest.  The directions are imposed on the  Bagua or eight-sided compass. Use a Feng Shui guide to find the compass direction in any given room.  Appropriately decorating the rooms of your home will help you gain the benefits of Feng Shui.

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I, Harold, am the husband of the late Wenyin, also known as the Bamboo Lady. In honor of her memory, I am devoted to continuing her passion for teaching and educating people on the principles of Feng Shui. Together, we worked hard to spread awareness of this ancient Chinese practice, and I am determined to keep her legacy alive.