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The living room got its name simply because itís the room we live in the most. Itís the room that we kick back and watch television, where we sit down with family members to talk about whatís going on in our lives, and where we host parties.

Itís also the room where we can lean back on the furniture, close our eyes and let the beautiful music, flowing from the sound system, relax us after a busy day of work. Because the living room is so multifunctional and impacts such varied areas of our lives, itís important that we get the Feng Shui in this room done right.

Other rooms that flow into the living room, such as if you have an open floor plan, should not be allowed to encroach upon the living room. If the noise and clutter or visual aspects of other rooms intrude upon this living space, the energy will become harried and negative.

Because a lot happens within the space of the living room and there are always people coming and going – family members and guests – the energy is fast-paced. To slow that energy, the decorations in the room need to be calming.

Use furniture thatís soft and welcoming and promotes relaxation. Youíll wants to use earth tones in beige or browns. Bring nature in with earthy plants and donít use curtains that are thick and dark that have a tendency to shut out the light from the windows.

The furnishings within the room should be in proportion to the size of the room. A large sofa that dominates the room disturbs the calm and the energy. Don’t situate the furniture in the middle of this room.

Instead, make sure that the focus is on the space given by having the furniture away from the center of the room. Also, make sure that your furniture matches the way the room was built. If you have a room thatís in a square shape, place square furniture in the room, but make sure this furniture doesnít contain any sharp edges.

If you have an overly large living room, break the furniture and dÈcor down into smaller focal groups. Use colors that are inviting and relax you and your guests. Bring in earth-related dÈcor by using plants and art that symbolizes nature.

Donít place a bookshelf by the door – and if you have a bookshelf, use one with doors that can enclose the books, which keeps them from creating disharmony by appearing cluttered. Donít has overly large artwork directly above the seats. Instead, use groupings of smaller artworks.

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