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Bagua Compass or Map

If you needed to determine a direction, you would use a tool such as a map or compass. The Bagua is a Feng Shui tool to help you find out what the direction of the energy. The Chinese word for the term Bagua is eight – meaning a tool that determines eight different directions.  Hence, it gives you eight ways to determine how to use the energy correctly.

Eight Compass Directions or Elements

The eight energy directions of the Bagua are: north, northeast, northwest, south, southeast, southwest east and west. Each of these directions stands for an element associated with Feng Sui.

This tool uses four main directions, the same as what you find on a normal map. Those directions are north, south, east and west. These four directions are broken down into four further directions  northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast.

The Bagua is used to represent  the things that you want in life. Specifically what you would like to see happen with the use of the energy. The Bagua can assist you in reading your money, career, romance, relationships, etc.

Eight Sides and Eight Areas of Life

This tool helps users to locate what part of their life is stagnant or not going the   way they want it to go. The eight sides of the Bagua each represent an area of life. Those areas are with relationships, money, fame, intellect, job, health, creativity and travel.

Negative and Positive Energy

When your life is not going well, it may have been affected by negative energy.   For example, clutter in the house and the mind will cause you to be irritated. This in turn creates health problems.

Improve the Positive Engergy

Use the Bagua, to find out how you can use energy to improve the eight areas of life.  You will need a scale drawing of your home. Once, you have that, put the Bagua over the drawing. You can use the Bagua to check each room of your home and then make the Feng Shui changes. This will enable your to get your life going in the right direction.

Out of Balance

Using the Bagua helps you to locate which rooms in your home are out of balance. That is unbalanced Chi energy. For example, the north direction of your home is associated with the water element. So if you had several fish tanks in the north part of the house, that room could be out of balance. You would have to reduce the fish tanks (water) to balance that energy.

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