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Feng Shui Practitioners have many techniques to create a positive environment in your home. Some of those positive qualities are happiness, stability, affluence, tranquility, and peace. With the help of this guide, you can use Feng Shui to enhance your surroundings and reduce the effect of negative energy.

Here are some solutions to promote the chi (qi)  energy in your home:


Color can lift you up or bring you down.  So, pay attention to the colors that you choose to decorate your house. Decide which color best suits your living room, dining room, bedrooms, and furniture. The color determines what “energy” you would like for that particular room or area.

* Red: Great for high energy and excitement. Works perfectly in a dining room to keep folks awake at the dinner table. It is not so good for bedrooms and studies.  Its properties can make it hard to relax and unwind.
* Orange: Stimulates hunger. Softer, lighter shades work great for living rooms, playrooms, and even bedrooms.
* Yellow: Inspires happiness and creativity. Use in any room to add brightness and vitality.
* Green: A healing and soothing color. A perfect choice for a living room or any room if you want to enhance the energetic balance.
* Blue: Another healing and soothing color.
* Indigo: Yet another color that heals and soothes. Good for a child’s room to promote healthy sleep habits.
* Purple: A highly spiritual color that promotes richness and transformation. I can be too high of a frequency for a large room, so consider using accents of purple as an alternative to painting an entire room.


Light exerts a strong influence over how we feel. Take care to light each room so that you achieve the appropriate calming or energizing effect.

* Sunlight: Natural lighting is the very best way to brighten a room.
* Good Quality Lighting: Second best to natural lighting. If possible, don’t skimp when it comes to buying lamps, track lighting, or fixtures for your home.
* Bright Lighting: Promotes energy and activity (for a playroom, for example).
* Low Lighting: Promotes calmness and relaxation (for a bedroom or study, for example).
* Dimmers: Can be purchased at a local hardware store. Dimmer switches give you the flexibility to alternate between bright and low lighting in the same room. With a dimmer, bedrooms can be used to play, study, or sleep, your dining room can accommodate a lively brunch or a romantic supper, and the living room can foster animated conversation or some quiet family reading.

Touch. Designers often overlook the power of texture and how it influences the energy of your home and surroundings. Play with accessories and furniture of different materials to achieve surprising results.


* Rugs: A shag rug emits playful energy, while a tightly coiled country rug adds a  nurturing touch to a living room. Decide whether you would prefer to tread barefoot upon a soft carpet or a cool shiny wood floor. One draws the energy of comfort, the other professionalism. Choose the materials best suited for the energy you would like each room of your home to radiate.
* Pillows: Silk pillows add richness and sensuality. Cotton is good for kids or casual relaxation, and fun, fluffy pillows can be employed for a lighter, playful effect in a living room or playroom.
* Furniture: Sleek wood furniture conveys sturdy and reassuring energy, while soft leather couches and armchairs add luxurious energy to a living room or study.

Smell. Aromas are an easy and inexpensive solution to help you achieve a harmonious home environment. Play with different scents in each room, changing them occasionally to see how the smells aid in energizing or relaxing you.

* Flowers: Flowers can be a terrific addition to any household because the color creates positive energy. It is easy to forget how wonderful a room smells when fresh flowers are added.
* Candles: Candles look beautiful and have an immediate calming effect on a room. Use different scents for each room or place various candles with unique smells together in one collection.
* Cooking: Cooking provides nourishment and comfort. An added benefit is the wonderful smells of cooking, which contribute to a balanced atmosphere in your home.
* Incense: Sage is a fantastic cleansing agent. Use it to erase negative that linger after an argument or disturbance. The scent will permeate all corners of the room. Be sure to work the openings like doorways and closets. Don’t forget to cleanse (smudge) yourself too!

Take action to enhance the environment of your home for you and your family. Add plants and flowers to liven up the environment. Pets and children are great for adding movement in each room.  This also keeps the energy of your house circulating. Play with these and other Feng Shui solutions to maintain balance and harmony in your home.

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